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- To utilize and market the products, which are obtained as a result of the Recovery, Collection, Storage, Transportation and Reprocessing of Wastes, in accordance with the considerations specified in the Environmental Legislation of Waste Oil, Waste Barrel, Waste Solvent, Waste Metal, Waste Plastic, Waste Paint, Waste Battery, End of Life Tires, Waste Accumulator, Medical Waste, Vegetable Waste Oil, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Packaging Waste and other Hazardous Wastes; to investigate and solve the technical, administrative, legal problems that may occur during or related to those processes, to ensure that the necessary measures are taken with regards to the protection of human and environmental health.  

- To monitor and investigate the developments about the sector in EU countries and abroad, to form relationships with Universities and Research Institutions and Organizations and search for the ways that would ensure the sector to develop and grow in accordance with the realities of the country, to carry out publications, meetings about the sector, sectoral trainings and trainings towards the public, to cooperate with other organizations related to the sector.

- To ensure that a superstructure is created related to all industrial wastes within the country, represent the members of association at the national and international level regarding their subjects and fields of work.

- To establish internal audit mechanisms in order to ensure functioning of the members of sector adhering to the professional ethic principles and in accordance with the laws and regulations and run these mechanisms, to establish commercial enterprises to work in the fields required by the sector; run these enterprises and make similar attempts

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